Autobahn Pricing

Please call us with your serial number

(we can help you find it if needed)

Please take note repair pricing depends on the diagnosis and your coverage under warranty or AppleCare+. Issues may require further testing before we can give pricing.

Accidental damage isn’t covered by the Apple Care Limited Warranty. Software issues are not covered by warranty or AppleCare.


If it is a software issue or accidental damage there will be a $65 diagnostic charge

Prior to your appointment with us for repair or diagnostics, please ensure that you have taken either an iCloud or a Time Machine backup for your data. Autobahn Communications is not responsible for data loss in diagnostics or repairs. Disabling Find My iPhone/iPad and taking a backup prior to dropping off your device will speed up the check-in process of your device. Should you need assistance in backup of your device, additional charges may apply.

Locked iPhone / iPad Recovery  $ 65
(without signing back in assistance)
In Shop Training Consulting and Repair $150/hour
Field Work $175 first hour, $150 Second hour
Prices subject to change.